Bedford Repeater Group

Welcome to the Bedford Repeater Group pages

Bedford Repeater group runs the amateur radio 2m repeater GB3BF and the 70cm repeater GB3BL in Bedford, England.

Our Repeaters

GB3BF – 2m repeater in Bedford – Channel RV63 (Output: 145.7875 MHz, Input: 145.1875 MHz).

Due to the current restrictions we have been unable to access our proposed new site to survey the site with a view to installing the aerials and repeater.

In order to give some local repeater coverage, we investigated with the RSGB ETCC whether we could use a temporary site that we do have access to, and this has been granted.

The repeater is now using a Tait TB7100 unit.

The timeout is FOUR minutes, please wait for the “pip” (and possibly the carrier drop) before continuing.

GB3BL – 70cm repeater in Bedford – Channel RU70 (Output: 430.8750 MHz, Input: 438.4750 MHz).

GB3BL is currently “off air”, we have the NOV but cannot access the site.